First Campaigner Challenge of the Fourth Campaign!

Published February 22, 2012 by admin

I feel very official and eloquent putting the post title like that…almost like I’ve been reincarnated into a herald. Ahem.

Aaaanyway, the first challenge for the campaigners is to write a 200 word story starting with the prompt ‘shadows crept across the wall.’ There are other things that you can do to make this more difficult on yourself, and of course I opted for them ALL!

And it probably says something about me and I probably should not admit this, but as I sat staring at that prompt, I insantly thought of one thing…

Evil entities oozing out of a vortex to have their way with a quaint little town and all its surroundings.

I swear I’m a nice person. I really am. Anyway, below is my entry. And for those who are able to vote I’m number 150



Shadows crept across the wall as velvet grey fingers that seared right through the mortar between crumbling bricks. The longer Morgana stared, the more her suspicions were reinforced. The crawling, skittering veins and puddles of effervescent nightmares were not attacking the wall, but were coming from it.

 “I stared too long,” she murmured, as if to convince her terrified logic that she was still alive. “I looked too closely and saw into The Wall. Somehow it saw me.” Past scrawled orange graffiti, under the brick Morgana had seen it. And it was evil. She’d been warned to ignore the Cobbington Village Wall. No one remembered when or why it had been built across Shepherd’s Field, but the entire village population was content to let the whole place fall to neglect if it meant they could ignore The Wall.

“I just had to go for a walk,” Morgana whimpered, unable to move or even blink away from the skulking, oozing touches of vile nothing that was leaking out.

The rippling darkness chuckled and slowly flowed down like spilled porridge, devouring the grass and the masonry it had sprung from. And then it reached for her, growling its thanks, and everything faded.


 and for a chance to read everyone’s efforts (though you can only vote if you’re in the campaign) Go Here


16 comments on “First Campaigner Challenge of the Fourth Campaign!

  • I love the picture of those “velvet grey fingers” and the idea that if you look too closely at something you may find it looking back at you. Nice!
    I’m #160.

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