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I try to get around to the amazing bloggers and writing sites out there. Here’s a collection of my guest posts and interviews. Check out what I have to say and be sure to explore all the wonderful blogs I’ve visited!

NOTE: I know I’ve skipped/missed some stuff along the way, so apologies there. If you see a guest post I’ve done and want to hit me with the link, go for it! All flash pieces/etc will be put on the free reads page. Current projects are under the books page. Everything Olde School and Kingdom City has its own page.


New as of 2017:

Reviews on Books by Violet: The Adventures of Superhero Girl, Smile, Level Up, Through the Woods, Courtney Crumrin, Americus, Anya’s Ghost 

Selah’s Manga Mania on I Smell Sheep: Intro to Manga, Fruits Basket, Saturn Apartments Baby & Me

Comic Reviews on I Smell Sheep: Dark Horse Presents #15 That Damned Band (1-4) Dead Vengeance (1-2) Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare #1      The Complete Love Hurt

Books and Writing

Bibliorati Interview

Mythic Scribe – Writing What You Know When There’s No Way to Know It, Producing Developed Worlds in Cross Genre Fiction

HorrorAddicts.net – Growing into Grusome,  On Horror, Death, etc, 

What If’s/The Invisibles,  Sparkly Death,  Top Ten Vampires, 

Putting Some Cake Under Your Icing, Dark Fantasy/Bloodied Snow,  Sewing the Strange, 

The Need for Vampire Variety

A Knife and A Quill – Top 5 Reads for Halloween

Ali Talks Live (Chit Chat Edition) – Authors Behaving Badly, how to handle negative reviews, and reviewers vs. authors

Majk Ink – writing characters you hate

My Home Away From Home – guest post about what I’ve learned about writing/getting published  and In the Red excerpt (giveaway finished)

Sabrina’s Paranormal Palace – author takeove, guest post about where I get my ideas  (giveaway finished)

S.H. Roddey – what it’s like beta reading with a friend you’ve known way too long

Word Weavers – Writing Wednesday article

Workaday Reads – guest post on writing what you know and how that can apply to genre fiction

Everything about Me (Interviews and Random Guest Posts)

Ali Talks Live – podcast about myself and the upcoming release of In the Red

Alexx Mom Cat’s Gateway Book Blog – Interview as a Fandom Fest Panelist (with co-panelist and buddy Siobhan Kinkade!)

Autumn’s Bitchin’ Book Reviews – Interview

Bad Girls Good Boys and Two-Fisted Action – Interview

Bitten By Books – Interview (Giveaway now Finished)

Crimson Flower Reviews – Interview

Inspiration Forum – Interview

JC Martin – Interview

Jess Resides Here – Interview

Jess Resides Here – Guest Post on early influences and my imaginative tendencies

John Collins – National Book Month Interview

Juniper Grove – Interview (giveaway is closed)

Kharisma Rhayne – Halloween Interview

Kharisma Rhayne – November guest post about being thankful

Kharisma Rhayne – Holiday Interview

Kharisma Rhayne – January guest post about resolutions

Long and Short Reviews – Interview

Long and Short Reviews – Halloween Post (giveaway over)

Makayla’s Book Reviews – Interview

Masquerade Crew – Free Short ‘Released’

Seventh Star Press – Press Release announcing The Kingdom City Chronicles

Sumiko Saulson – Interview for Women in Horror Recognition Month

Word Weavers – Monday Networking Spotlight

The Writing World – Interview

Genre Stuff

Bad Girls Good Boys and Two-Fisted Action – There’s No Place Like Home – When Being Likeable Was Enough (my essay on girls in early works of fantasy)

Bad Girls Good Boys and Two-Fisted Action – From my Women in Horror Series – Crazy Chicks

Bad Girls Good Boys and Two-Fisted Action – From my Women in Horror Series – Badasses

Doreen McGettigan – Guest post talking about the angst and awesomeness that comes with being a genre geek and a girl

Fandom Scene – my column talking about gender and genre in fiction and film; updated on average twice a month (updated for 2012)

Manic Readers – Proud to be a geek

S.H. Roddey – my Valentines Day Horror Movie and Novel List

Siobhan Kinkade’s blog – Talking about vampires and why The Lost Boys is the perfect example of the modern vampire

Writing With Shelly and Chad – Why I feel so strongly about genre fiction

Roundtable Discussions

Bad Girls Good Boys and Two-Fisted Action – Round table discussion on villains

Bad Girls Good Boys and Two-Fisted Action (Sean Taylor) – Round table discussion on re-imagining characters and fandoms

Bad Girls Good Boys and Two-Fisted Action – Round table discussion on epic storylines

Bad Girls Good Boys and Two-Fisted Action – Round table discussion on urban fantasy

Bad Girls Good Boys and Two-Fisted Action – Round table discussion on character development

Bad Girls Good Boys and Two Fisted Action – Plotting vs. Pantsing

Bad Girls Good Boys and Two Fisted Action – Writing and re-writing

Bad Girls Good Boys and Two-Fisted Action – Marrying Plot and Character

Posts/Interviews About Specific Releases


Alexandra Christian – promoting Mooner for Wicked Little Wednesday

From Ashes to Page – guest post about vampires and Mooner

Laurie’s Paranormal Thoughts – Interview and talking about Mooner

Long and Short Reviews – Review of Mooner

S.H. Roddey – Backlist Bash: Mooner

The Other Man

No Boundaries Press – Talking about Music and relationships and how they inspired The Other Man

In the Red 

Tour Page at Jitterbug PR

Press Release (by Jitterbug PR; posted courtesy of Sean Taylor’s blog)

Press release (by Imagicopter)

Facebook Page – be sure to like it for a quiz, interactive excerpt, and more!

Book Trailer – Thanks to Alexandra Christian for her fabulous work on this!

Alexandra Christian – Writing Endings

Alexandra Christian – Review

Ali’s Bookshelf – Author Interview

Breath of Life – What would you give everything up for?

Breath of Life – Review

Cabin Goddess – Interview pt. 1/3

Cabin Goddess – Interview pt. 2/3

Cabin Goddess – Interview pt. 3/3  (with recipes!)

Deborah Smith Ford – examiner.com article about the mini tour for In the Red

Fandom Fanatic – guest post about music (giveaway over)

Italian Brat’s Obsession – guest post about music and Jeremiah Kensington

John Hartness – guest post about rock music trashy hijinks

L.J. Kentowski – Character Interview with J.K. Asmodeus

Laurie’s Paranormal Thoughts and Reviews – Another Character Interview with Jeremiah Kensington

Lisa Bilbrey – excerpt

Mich’s Book Reviews – The process of writing and expanding the book

Readers After Dark – an “article” by a minor character in the book about her impressions of J.K. Asmodeus and Sons of Pandemonium

Sarah Aisling – guest post on characters (giveaway closed)

Seventh Star Press – Character Development

Jessica Lay – Why I love fairy tales

Monique Morgan – Learning to like Jeremiah Kensington

No Boundaries Press – Talking about Hans Christian Andersen and In the Red

The Writing Adventures of a Librarian – Character interview with JK Asmodeus about his summer plans

Holly and Ivy 

All in One Place – Review

Breath of Life – Review

Cabin Goddess – Review


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