Free Reads

Night Terrors

A normal man. A dream that’s followed him his whole life. One night, things change. A story in less than 600 words.

The Sale

In an unnerving hotel lobby, an exhausted realtor just has to close the sale to be on his way. But is there something more to his client? A story in 300 words.

Little Nightmare

A woman with a dragon. A transition. A scheme. A story in 300 words.


A woman. A wall with a curse. Less than 500 words to tell a story. What could possibly go wrong? Plenty…for her.

Please check out Masquerade Crew for more fun info about Indie titles, plus author resources

You Are More

I wish you could look into the mirror and see beyond your face, way past the surface to see more. More than what the world sees, more than what your friends see, more than I or even you can see. That is what you are. You are more than any label or stereotype, bigger than any first glance or expectation. You are more.

Please check out the Operation Beautiful webpage! It’s an amazing project dedicated to changing how we view beauty and empowering girls and women!


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